84,000 First Nations Peoples or 1/4 of the Indigenous population of NSW and Victoria live in areas affected by 2019/20 bushfires. These communities were disproportionally affected by floods of 2021. Ever resilient, these communities are rebuilding, but many families are still living in temporary homes, and suffering the long lasting economic, and personal impacts of fire and flood.

As a First Nations woman with family ties to many First Nations Countries harmed by these natural disasters, I’m passionate about supporting students, teachers and families in these areas.

Re[ad]generate aimed to regenerate reading. It supported children in bushfire and flood-affected communities by delivering books written and illustrated by First Nations authors and artists.

Donations made to the gofundme campaign supported the purchasing, and distribution of books by Blak creatives, to communities who need it most.

This project has been generously supported by Magabala Books and NSW Public Schools with thanks to NITV, NIT and ABC for sharing this initiative.

Collectively we raised over $10,800.00. This money was donated to Magabala Books, for the purchasing, packing and delivery of books for 32 fire and flood affected schools.


Gūgarra Djedjembēn Nadaji
Mah Mah Mah
Yallumba Būrajāh Banggliga

~ from ‘Banggliga‘ by Jacob Morris, Ethan Bell and Adrian Webster

Delivered by Red Room Poetry and developed by Gunai poet Kirli Saunders, Poetry in First Languages (PIFL) celebrates, shares and preserves knowledge of First Nations languages and culture through poetry, music, dance and art. PIFL aims to support students to find strength in their cultural identities through language learning and connecting to Country, Culture and Community with the intention of enhancing overall wellbeing and knowledge.

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